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Qualifying Criteria

Occupancy Guidelines

Occupancy guidelines are two persons per bedroom.  Anyone occupying the apartment is considered an occupant unless they are younger than the greater of (i) one year of age; or (ii) such other minimum age stipulated for such purpose by applicable state law.   Occupants who reach the minimum age during a lease term will be required to transfer to a larger apartment home upon lease renewal.


Application Processing Requirements

  • Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial.
  • All residents 18 or older must complete an application and be listed as a leaseholder.
  • An application fee must be paid by all applicants.  
  • Approved applicants must pay Ernest money as a holding deposit.  This will be charged as an administrative fee, and it is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Each application will be processed expediently upon receipt. Typically, the process should be completed within a 24-hour period but can take longer depending on the accessibility of vital information.  
  • Credit reports, criminal background checks, income verification, prior rental history, eviction history, and document authenticity are reviewed to make a determination for acceptance of an application.  
  • If the application is denied for negative or adverse information on the credit or criminal background report, the applicant may request a copy of the consumer credit report from the credit reporting agency.
  • If the applicant feels negative or adverse information is inaccurate, the applicant may request a correction of the information reported.
  • If the application is denied for negative or adverse information on the credit or criminal background report, the applicant may request a copy of the consumer credit report from the credit reporting agency.


  • The credit report will include the payment status of accounts, outstanding debt to landlords, and outstanding debt to utility providers. 
  • Fraud Prevention Services: All applicants must present valid forms of identification as decided by the management company, and may include a US Driver’s License, US State Photo ID, US Military ID, Civil Birth Certificate, US Visa, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Photo ID, Social Security Card.  
  • Red Flag Warnings: Fraud prevention cautions and warnings may be displayed alongside recommendations from our credit screening company.  Applicants may then be required to provide additional information from one or more sources to verify their identity, address, or related item. 


  • Residency may be denied for select criminal convictions including but not limited to terrorism-related convictions, drug-related convictions, sex-related convictions, and convictions for crimes against persons or property.  
  • Criminal background checks will be evaluated based on the nature and severity of the crime and on the age of the conviction.  


  • Applicants must gross 3x the monthly rent and will be required to submit income verification documents to Snappt, our third-party service, to be authenticated.  A link will be sent to the application after the application is submitted.   The state of Colorado has a 2x the monthly rent requirement.   
  • Acceptable income documentation is outlined by Snappt. We may require other forms of documents depending on the source of income.  We may require more than one form of verification.      
  • Applicants who do not meet income qualifications may be permitted to use a guarantor.  Guarantors must make 5x the rental rate of the apartment on a monthly basis and must live within the same metropolitan area. 


  • The past 12 months of verifiable rental or mortgage history may be reviewed, which will include the history of late and NSF payments, and lease violations including but not limited to damages, pests, housekeeping, and pet issues.    
  • Eviction history for the past 7 years prior to the application date and monies owed to prior landlords will be reviewed.


All applicants are required to create a profile with PetScreening. 

  • Applicants without pets will confirm there will be no pets in the household.   
  • Applicants with service animals will provide documentation for legal review. 
  • Applicants with pets will pay $20 for each pet.  A photo of your pet(s) and other documentation, as well as confirmation of questions about your pet will need to be completed.


  • We allow dogs, cats, birds, fish, gerbils, and hamsters.  We permit up to 2 dogs or cats and have no weight restriction. 
  • Approved applicants with pets will be required to pay a non-refundable one-time pet fee for each pet and may be required to pay a pet deposit.
  • Monthly pet rent for dogs and cats will be included in the lease.  The monthly pet rent will be determined by the review of information and documentation provided to PetScreening.
  • Service animals are not considered pets.


  • Breed restrictions include Pit Bulls (Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers), Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Chows, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Wolf Hybrids, and Huskies. This applies to full or partial breeds.    
  • We reserve the right to amend the breed restrictions at any time we deem necessary.