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Our Management Team

Team Members
  • Joe Mullen

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    As President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Mullen is responsible for the acquisition, investment management and operations of the company's nati...

  • Andrew Holloway

    Vice President

    Andrew Holloway has over 10 years' experience in a variety of facets within the multifamily industry. He joined Madison in 2019 and is responsible fo...

  • Christine Murray

    Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President, Christine Murray oversees the operations and management of communities located in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Ka...

  • John Spaeder

    Senior Regional Manager

    As Regional Property Manager, John Spaeder oversees the operations and management of communities located in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania....

  • Tom Tarpey

    Human Resources Director

    As the Human Resources Director, Tom Tarpey oversees all aspects of HR for the Madison portfolio. Tom has more than 10 years of experience in human r...

  • Fred Brown


  • Jean Merenda

    National Operations Director

    Jean Merenda has over 25 years of experience in the multifamily space and has been with Madison since 2001. She focuses on operational performance th...

  • Allison Strickland

    Revenue Manager

    As Revenue Manager, Allison Strickland is responsible for revenue management, provides support across the Madison portfolio, plays a vital role in new...

  • Richard Garcia

    Construction Manager

    As Construction Manager, Richard Garcia currently oversees all construction projects for the entire Madison portfolio. Richard has more than 20 years...

  • Eric Longenecker

    Construction Manager

  • Bethany Glass

    Training Coordinator

    As Training Coordinator, Bethany Glass is responsible for the training and development of all Madison employees, participates in the recruiting and on...